We are on a mission to spark creative imagination from young people by using hands-on technology for this digital age. With our award winnning kits and digital tools to help them  make, play, code and invent.

We started off small, around our kitchen table as a hobby to past time, however over the past year we have built a company of 30 passionate designers, educators, engineers and problem solvers with strong foundations – all obsessed with inspiring and empowering others to become confident creators.

Internet Kayseri now has become a growing company with strong culture of invention and risk-taking all thanks to our readers whom have been supporting us since the start! We would like to show our gratitude by coming up with a new section on our website where we would post latest articles or news regarding the any new advancement in technology to keep you updated 24/7! We think this will also give us an edge as to how we market ourselves and our growth as a company.

In the Net’s brief history, we have already seen attempts to close down or restriction conversations on vital issues such as network neutrality, or to reframe the ramifications of plans, such as those that relate to cybersecurity. What we discover repetitively is that the very best and also most long-term solutions are ones that we get to with cooperation and common respect, that are rooted in principle, and that unlock to innovation.

The Internet Kayseri’s plan agenda on count on is led by our “Plan Framework for an Open as well as Trusted Net”. This file emphasizes the challenge that lessening trust fund offers to the Net. As well as, it gives a plan for attending to the intricacies of establishing the strong structure of trust required to realize the Internet’s full capacity. At its core, trust is created by taking duty for securing that item of the Net for which one births duty, and by being held to account when one does not.

One of the earliest top priorities of the Internet Kayseri was to boost the reach of the Net. That top priority proceeds today since the Web is for everybody. Every last person on earth is part of “every person”, and also we won’t rest until each person has the choice of selecting to be linked.

We promote policies and build communities to receive an Internet that is a globally obtainable system for technology, creative thinking, as well as financial possibility. We progress the development as well as application of Internet infrastructure, innovations, and open standards to allow an open Web for all.

Global facilities is called for to ensure that Web endpoints without a prior connection can communicate in a trusted and protected way. Unmediated connections are a hallmark of the Web. Technologies such as file encryption infrastructure, time safety and security, as well as identity as well as verification features make up the necessary infrastructure. It is this shared connectivity as well as trust fund infrastructure that makes it possible for a credible and protected Net for everyone, so it is where we will certainly focus our efforts in 2019.

Once again, thank you for coming around and looking at our blog. We will make sure that we will post articles that you are interested in and will find joy in reading, as we want to have a good experience talking about what we are passionate about: technology.