Cannabidiol (CBD) is a phytocannabinoid found in hemp. CBD is not psychoactive. There are over 100 different cannabinoids found in hemp.

These cannabinoids stimulate receptors in the body, CB1 and CB2. CB1 receptors are found mainly in the brain and CB2 receptors mainly in the immune system.

The endocannabinoid (body’s own) system is considered one of the most important physiological systems to maintain human health and CBD is considered the most important cannabinoid that can help promote human and animal health.


Beneficial effect on humans and animals
CBD supports the body’s own Endocannabinoid system. The Endocannabinoid system regulates numerous physiological and biological functions in the body. Medicinal CBD has beneficial effects on the bodies of both humans and animals. However, many people do not like the fact that THC, which is found in CBD, in addition to having medicinal properties, also has a psychoactive effect resulting in the familiar stoned or high feeling.

To keep this psychoactive effect out of the medicinal oil, an oil has now been developed that is extracted from hemp plants with a low content of THC and a high content of CBD. This cannabidiol-rich oil therefore does not deliver a stoned or high feeling, but still possesses the powerful and miraculous effects of the CBD plant. In the CBD oil of Meliopharm and Isodiol is 0 % thc

Effects of CBD

CBD oil is quickly absorbed by the body and in most cases gives a noticeable effect within 10 minutes. It is safe to use and has no addictive effect. Because of this, children can also use the positive effects of CBD oil without any problems. So far there are no known interactions with other medications or alcohol and no restrictions regarding use in traffic.

Instructions for use CBD oil

The use of CBD oil is very simple and can be done at any time and in any location. You can start with 1 drop of CBD oil under your tongue to see how your body reacts to it. Easy here is the use of a mirror so you can see the drop fall well.

Dosage of the drops

On average the effect takes place after 10 to 15 minutes. The first effect that can be observed is usually the relaxation of the muscles. Depending on the situation, you can administer 2 to 3 drops at a time and build this up to several times a day, again depending on the severity of the situation. If the situation is very serious, you can feel free to increase the number of drops. CBD oil is safe to use and danger of overdose does not occur. Shake before each use! Most people can tolerate CBD for sleep well and drip without problems.

CBD oil use instructions for animals

In animals, it is not always easy to administer a drop under the tongue. A good alternative is to give a drop on a piece of cheese, white bread or other delicacy. Keep in mind that ingestion through food and thus through the stomach has a longer way to go before the medicinal effect occurs.

A piece of sausage is less easy to dose because the drop of CBD oil is absorbed quickly, instead of, for example, staying on the cheese. With cheese you can easily see the size of the drop and you can keep this dosage, or, depending on the size, increase or decrease. Small amounts can be dosed by only lightly touching the cheese, instead of squeezing out a drop via the pipette cap.

A block of cheese is equivalent to several hamburgers for humans. A piece of white bread is a good alternative if there is too much weight gain.

Shelf life CBD oil

Light and air have a detrimental effect on the shelf life of CBD oil. However, when the bottle of CBD oil is stored with the cap closed in a dark and cool place, such as a kitchen cabinet, the oil has a very long shelf life of at least 2 years.

Difference CBD oil and hemp oil

Not only the values of THC and CBD are different in hemp oil and CBD oil, but there is also a difference in the color of the oil. Weed oil, also called THC oil, is dark green in color while our CBD oil has a clear color.